Weeks 6, 7, 8. New features, testers, and optimizing tables

Two user tests with real users, complete ✅

Feature ideas from the app testers
Positive notes about the app
Bugs found by testers
The value of the app for testers in comparison to other solutions (paper notes)
  • Overall, testers found the app helpful and easy to use for keeping track of the pattern
  • If the pattern is for a paired item (like socks), some prefer to do parts of the pattern for each of the items simultaneously (Toe of Sock 1 => Toe of Sock 2 => Heel of Sock 1 => Heel of Sock 2, etc.) I wonder how widespread this is and whether some users would prefer to finish Item 1 before starting on Item 2. For now, I simply duplicated rows.
  • The app's value is portability (seamlessly going from laptop to phone), a tangible indication of progress, reduced ambiguity of the following steps (which could be especially useful for beginners).

New features added: selecting the size of the pattern

  • Create a database structure to accommodate multiple sizes
  • Allow users to select size
  • Load instructions based on selected size
  • Change selected size.
Selecting the size of the pattern feature

Pattern instructions update: presenting instructions as a list

Pattern instructions details page before (left; shown as Rich Text) and after (right; shown as a list)
  • Adding bullets to text was primarily a manual process through Markdown or a complicated dance with custom HTML. Both made it very difficult to automate the process of adding patterns.
  • The same goes for the size of the text in the Rich Text component. Once you add bullets, the size goes down and is impossible to adjust without some custom HTML.

Next steps: optimize existing features, fix the ones I broke, continue testing




UX and Product designer at a startup. I focus on validating product ideas early and often.

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Tamara Didenko

Tamara Didenko

UX and Product designer at a startup. I focus on validating product ideas early and often.

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