Week 5. Discovering what makes a good pattern

Affinity mapping insights about patterns with Trello

There are plenty of problems with written patterns; there are also best practices

  • Casual Crocheters want to see any explanations related to the step when working on that step. It seems obvious, but many written patterns make you jump up and down the PDF for the sake of saving time.
  • There’s a lot of value in counting stitches in the row/including row counts. When importing patterns into the app, I either have to rely on what’s already in the pattern or count stitches myself, but I can automate this once the Designer interface is in place.
  • Some Casual Crocheters go as far as rewriting the patterns they purchase — to fix formatting, expand on the instructions, create a printable version, etc.
Redditor comment praising checkboxes next to row instructions

Redditors are more open to trying new things

Continue looking for testers on Reddit.

  • Offer to buy a pattern for them
  • Import the pattern into the app
  • Have them work on this pattern submit notes throughout the project
  • Once they have finished the project, I’ll send them the PDF of the pattern
  • (optional) If I don’t get enough interest this way, offer a $10–20 gift card to a preferred yarn store.

Technical updates

Changing yarn colors




UX and Product designer at a startup. I focus on validating product ideas early and often.

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Tamara Didenko

Tamara Didenko

UX and Product designer at a startup. I focus on validating product ideas early and often.

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