Week 3: Technical research

  • Ravelry has an open API that we can use to access their database and pull details of the pattern from it. With a slightly higher level of access, users can even get access to their account information (including purchased patterns).
  • With some spreadsheet magic and the help of parabola.io, I was able to turn “a wall of text” into something that can be fed directly to the app as rows of data 🎉
Turning a wall of text into rows of data
  • I would only have to worry about one pattern at a time.
  • Multiple people would be working from this pattern simultaneously – a perfect opportunity for user testing!
  • These crocheters are already interested in engaging with their peers, so we could offer them additional ways to engage: maybe a leaderboard to track everyone’s progress on the pattern? Or a group chat to discuss challenges?

Have an idea for an experiment or would like to be a part of the project? Or maybe you’re a crocheter yourself? Let me know your thoughts and ideas! I love collaboration!



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Tamara Didenko

Tamara Didenko

UX and Product designer at a startup. I focus on validating product ideas early and often.