Sprint 0: Declaring the assumptions about the business (to be)

Casual Crocheters want to find unique designs and recreate them easily.

Crochet Designers want to support their living with crochet

Crochet Designers — key to unlocking the value for Casual Crocheters, Yarn Manufacturers, and Pattern repositories

  • Casual Crocheters seek unique design patterns to recreate
  • Pattern sharing websites (repositories) attract Casual Crocheters by distributing large numbers of unique crochet patterns
  • Pattern repositories sell access to Casual Crocheters to Advertisers and Yarn Manufactures
  • Pattern repositories also allow Crochet Designers to sell their patterns online (usually, for a small fee transaction fee)
  • Yarn Manufacturers partner with Crochet Designers to create unique designs featuring their yarns. Crochet Designers get paid through affiliate links

Do Crochet Designers need an app for creating crochet patterns?

  1. Setup a landing page for the app with a dedicated domain
  2. Landing page should have a sign up form to collect emails from people interested in participating in user interviews
  3. Run a Google ads campaign driving users to the Landing page
  • How many people saw the ad — this would tell me how many users are looking for something like that
  • How many people clicked the ad — this is a higher engagement, so it would indicate a higher level of interest from the audience
  • How many people signed up to participate in interviews — these would be the most valuable leads, indicating not only the interest, but also a higher commitment form the audience
  • Consider adding some mockups to the landing page
  • Consider different ways of talking about the value proposition
  • Consider posting links directly on social websites (Ravelry?)

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UX and Product designer at a startup. I focus on validating product ideas early and often.

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Tamara Didenko

Tamara Didenko

UX and Product designer at a startup. I focus on validating product ideas early and often.

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